ABB Motor, Drive & Robot Repair

At TIE Repair, we offer ABB repair services to both motors, drives, and robots that are backed by a 1-year, in-service warranty. Our trained technicians have been servicing ABB industrial automation equipment for more than 30 years. We not only repair what is broken but also routinely replace other parts that are known to wear often.

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ABB repair is available for the following:

  • ABB Drives
  • ABB Servo Motors
  • ABB Robots

Don’t overpay to purchase a new unit when you can have your ABB motor, drive, or robot repaired by the in-house technicians at TIE for less. Send in your ABB motor, drive, or robot for a hassle-free, no-charge Repair Evaluation, and receive a detailed estimate of the repairs needed to get your CNC machine back up and running.

ABB Drive Repair

TIE’s technicians and engineers offer ABB drive repair services at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay purchasing a new drive. Our team can repair and restore your ABB drive to meet OE specifications. We’ll also replace parts that are known to fail to save you from other inconvenient and costly repairs in the future. Best of all our ABB drive repairs are backed up by a 1-year in-service warranty.

ABB Drives TIE repairs:

ABB Drives ACB530 Series

ACB530-U1-012A-2, ACB530-U1-012A-4, ACB530-U1-017A-2, ACB530-U1-023A-4, ACB530-U1-031A-2, and ACB530-U1-031A-4.

ABB Drives ACS143 Series

ACS143-1K1-3, ACS143-1K6-3, ACS143-1K6-3-U, ACS143-2K1-3, ACS143-2K1-3-U, ACS143-2K7-3, and ACS143-4K1-3.

ABB Drives DCS501B Series

DCS501B-0025-21P20, DCS501B-0050-51-21, DCS501B-0075-51-21, DCS501B-0100-51-21, DCS501B-0200-51-21, DCS501B-0250-51-21, and DCS501B-0350-51-21.

To learn more about our repair services, explore our full list of ABB Drives We Repair. Don’t see your ABB drive among our online inventory? Contact us and give us more information on the specific ABB drive you need repaired.

ABB Servo Motor Repair

Our factory-trained staff of electronic and automation specialists can repair ABB servo motors. We will minimize your downtime by leveraging expertise and experience that will have your CNC machine up and running in no time.

ABB Servo Motors we repair:

ABB Servo Motor BSM100C Series

BSM100C-1150AA, BSM100C-1250AA, BSM100C-1250AF, BSM100C-2150AF, BSM100C-2250AF, BSM100C-3150AF, and BSM100C-3250AF.

ABB Servo Motor BSM50N Series

BSM50N-133AA, BSM50N-133AF, BSM50N-175AA, BSM50N-175AF, BSM50N-233AA, BSM50N-275AA, BSM50N-275AF, and BSM50N-333AA.

ABB Servo Motor SSBSM80C Series

SSBSM80C-175CA, SSBSM80C-175CF, SSBSM80C-275CA, SSBSM80C-275CF, SSBSM80C-375CA, SSBSM80C-375CF, SSBSM80C-475CA, and SSBSM80C-475CF.

TIE offers high-quality repair service on Servo Motors from ABB. Discover the full selection of ABB Servo Motors the technicians at TIE can fix!

ABB Robot Repair

ABB robots are used in a variety of industries including welding and material handling applications. Upon evaluation and testing, we’ll provide comprehensive repair services for ABB robots include C.P.U. boards, I/O modules, interface modules, controllers, power supplies, servo motors & drives, amplifiers, feedback devices, CRT’s, programming panels, teach pendants, wrist assemblies and more.

ABB Robots TIE can repair:

ABB Robot IRB Series

IRB120, IRB140, IRB1410, IRB1500, IRB1600ID, IRB2000, IRB2400, IRB2600, and IRB4400.

All ABB robot repairs are functionally or dynamically tested to ensure your robot is fully functional. All repairs are backed by a 1-year In-Service Warranty. Check out our full selection of ABB Robots our TIE technicians can repair!

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