Baldor Repair

Trust the in-house industrial repair specialists at TIE to repair your Baldor AC Drive, DC Drive or Servo Motor to OEM specifications. With more than 30 years industrial automation repair experience, you’ll have peace-of-mind that your repair is done right the first time.

Our Baldor repair services cover:

  • Baldor AC Drives
  • Baldor DC Drives
  • Baldor Servo Drives
  • Baldor Servo Motors

Repair your equipment and save up to 75% compared to the cost of purchasing a new part. Call our repair technicians today at (833) 539-8596 or contact us online and we’ll do everything we can to help repair your faulty unit.

Baldor Motor Repair

Once you elect to service your parts with TIE, our experienced team will repair and restore your Baldor servo motor to OEM specifications and like new condition. Along with repairing what is broken on your motor, our technicians will replace additional parts that are prone to failing to save you time and money in the future.

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[Note: Sorry, we are unable to repair consumer appliances and electronics.]

Popular Baldor motors we repair include:

Explore all the Baldor Motors TIE Repairs and call us today to minimize downtime.

Baldor Drive Repair

At TIE, our experienced repair technicians can repair your Baldor AC Drive and Servo Drives to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We also repair Baldor AC Servo Drives used in elevator systems.

Common Baldor drives TIE repairs:

We repair a wide variety of Baldor Drives including the FlexDrive Series, Mint Drive Series, ACB Series, H2 Series, and much more!

Request A Repair For Faulty Baldor Components

We accept Baldor repair orders and quotes via phone, fax, email and online. Call our repair technicians today at (833) 539-8596!

We offer fast turnaround, a 1-Year In-Service Warranty, and FREE No-Obligation Repair Evaluations.