Free Repair Evaluation and 1-Year In-Service Warranty

TIE’s experienced electronic repair specialists and engineers will repair your electronic drives to OEM specifications. We fix what is broken, but in addition, we may replace other parts that often fail. Every repair is backed by a 1-Year In-Service Warranty, so you can trust TIE for all of your electronic repairs. Call us today for a FREE no obligation Repair Evaluation.

10 Step Quality Control Process

  1. Initial inspection upon receipt from customer.
  2. Parts are evaluated before any repairs are performed to identify the failure.
  3. Parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after evaluation.
  4. Repairs are completed as necessary.
  5. All components that commonly fail are replaced as part of our routine repairs such as capacitors, relays, fans etc. on drives.
  6. Plastic or metal housing is replaced with new components as needed.
  7. Drives are tested to ensure reliability.
  8. All parts go through a final quality control check before shipping.
  9. Careful packing and shipping to ensure the product arrives in perfect working order
  10. A Service Report is provided with each repair detailing the tests and repairs that were performed and what components were replaced.

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Save money by having your equipment repaired at a fraction of the cost of new. Call (833)539-8596 or email [email protected] for all of your general industrial electronic repair needs.

Here's a list of a few of the AC Servo Drives we have recently repaired:


MR-S12-80C-E01 MDS-A-V2-1010 MDS-B-SVJ2-01
MDS-B-V1-20 MDS-B-SVJ2-20 MDS-B-V2-3510
MDS-B-V2-3520 MDS-B-V2-4520 MDS-C1-V2-4520
MR-J2-100D-S24 MR-J2S-11KB4 MR-S1-100-E01
MR-S1-103-E01 MR-S11-100-E01 MR-S11-100-E31
MR-S11-200-E01 MR-S11-300-E01 MR-S11-300-E31
MR-S12-100A-E01 MR-S12-80A-E31 MR-S1-80-E01
MR-S200E-01A MR-S2-100B-E01 MR-S3-80AA-E01


BDU-50A BLII-D50-50A BL-D50A
MIV01-1-B1 MIV02-1-B1 MIV02-1-B5
MIV0204-1-B5 MIV0104-1-B1 MIV0204-1-B1
MIV0404-1-B1 MIV0404-1-B3 MIV0303-1-B5
MIV08-1-B1 MR-S2-100B-E01 MR-S3-80AA-E01