Mitsubishi Industrial Repair

TIE can repair your Mitsubishi Servo Motors and AC Servo Drives. Our expert Mitsubishi technicians repair Mitsubishi drives or motors to meet OE specifications. We offer 1-year in service warranty on all repairs for Mitsubishi automation parts and the 275+ brands that we service.

We offer Mitsubishi repair for the following:

  • Mitsubishi Servo Motors
  • Mitsubishi AC Servo Drives

If you have a faulty Mitsubishi component, our repair technicians can save you up to 75% compared to the cost of purchasing a new part. Call the TIE technicians today at (833) 539-8596 or contact us online to schedule a repair for your faulty Mitsubishi automation part.

Mitsubishi Servo Motor Repair

Send in your Mitsubishi Servo Motor for a Free Repair Evaluation and receive a detailed estimate of the repairs needed to get your CNC machine back up and running. Our experienced technicians will repair and restore your Mitsubishi motor to OE specifications.

Popular Mitsubishi Servo Motors we repair:

Mitsubishi Servo Motor HA Series

HA-LP11K1M4B, HA-LP11K2, HA-LP11K24, HA-LP12K14BK, HA-LP15K24, HA-LP15K2B, HA-LP22K2, HA-LP22K24, HA-LP22K24BK

Mitsubishi Servo Motor HC Series

HC-LP152, HC-LP202, HC-LP302, HC-PQ13-UE, HC-RFS503B, HC-RP103, HC-RP103B, HC-RP153, HC-RP153B, HC-RP203, HC-RP203B, HC-RP353

Mitsubishi Servo Motor HF Series

HF-JP1034, HF-JP1034B, HF-JP1034K, HF-JP103B, HF-JP11K1M4, HF-JP11K1M4B, HF-JP153, HF-JP1534, HF-JP1534BK, HF-JP153-S7

Mitsubishi Servo Motor HG Series

HG-AK0136, HG-AK0136B, HG-AK0236, HG-AK0236B, HG-AK0336, HG-AK0336B, HG-JR1034, HG-JR11K1M4, HG-JR1534, HG-JR15K1M4

Mitsubishi Servo Motor LM Series

LM-H2P2A-12M-1SS0, LM-H2S20-480-1SS0, LM-H2S20-768-1SS0

TIE offers high-quality repair service on Mitsubishi Servo Motors including HA Motors, HC Motors, HF Motors, HG Motors, HS Motors, and LM Motors. Check out all the Mitsubishi Servo Motors we repair!

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive Repair

The technicians at TIE can repair your Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive and replace common parts that are known to fail or wear out on all Mitsubishi drives. If you don't see your Mitsubishi part number below, don't worry. TIE can repair most AC Servo Drives. Contact us and give us more information on the specific Mitsubishi drive you need to be repaired.

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drives that TIE repairs:

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive DL Series

D400Y, DL-SBZ, DL-SBZ-2-15K, DL-SBZ-2-18.5KD,  DL-SBZ-2-37K-C, DL-SBZ-2-7.5K, DL-SCZ, DL-SCZ-11K, DL-SCZ-15K, DL-SCZ-18

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive FR Series

FR-612-80A-Z53, FR-A024-0.1K-UL, FR-A024-0.2KP, FR-A024-0.75KUL, FR-A024-1.5K, FR-A024-2.2K-ER, FR-A024-3.7K

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive MDS Series

MDS-A-SP-110, MDS-A-SP-150, MDS-A-SP-185, MDS-A-SP-220, MDS-A-SP-260, MDS-A-SP-300, MDS-A-SPH-110

Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive MR Series

MR-511-100-E01, MR-C40A-UE, MR-E-20A-Q2, MR-E-40A-QZ, MR-H350BN, MR-J20MA, MR-J2-100A-A28, MR-J2-100B, MR-J2-100B-S73, MR-J2-100CT

Explore the full selection of Mitsubishi AC Servo Drives our technician can repair!  

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