Free Repair Evaluation and 1-Year In Service Warranty

TIE repairs AC servo motors, AC spindle motors, Built-in AC spindle motors, DC servo motors, DC spindle motors, linear motor and encoders for all of the major brands including: ABB, Allen Bradley, Baldor, FANUC and more. Core capabilities include fractional horsepower drives to the largest drives made, including feedback and an alignment.

Our experienced technicians go through a 10-step checklist to ensure the highest quality repair.

10 Step Quality Control Checklist for Motor Repair

  1. Initial inspection upon receipt from customer
  2. Disassemble & test all components
  3. Wash and bake all windings
  4. Install all new bearings, seals & gaskets
  5. Align/calibrate encoder
  6. Precision balance
  7. Paint & apply new tag
  8. Rigorous testing performed on each motor
  9. Careful packing and shipping to ensure the product arrives in perfect working order
  10. A Service Report is provided with each repair detailing the tests and repairs that were performed and what components were replaced.

Save money by having your equipment repaired at a fraction of the cost of new. Call (833)539-8596 or email [email protected] for all of your general industrial electronic repair needs. 

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