Okuma Repair

The experts at TIE can repair your Okuma Servo Motors and AC Servo Drives. With over 30 years of combined experience, our technicians can repair Okuma drives or motors to meet OE specifications. We offer 1-year in service warranty on all repairs and any faulty components from the 275+ brands that we service.

We offer Okuma repair for the following:

  • Okuma Servo Motors
  • Okuma AC Servo Drives
  • Okuma Spindle Drives

If you have a faulty Okuma motor or drive, our repair technicians can save you up to 75% compared to the cost of purchasing a new unit. Call the TIE technicians today at (833) 539-8596 or contact us online to schedule Okuma machine repair.

Okuma Servo Motor Repair

The technicians at TIE can repair your Okuma Servo Motor. All of our Okuma Servo Motor repairs come with an itemized list detailing each step of the process for your records. Additionally, we also replace any other parts on your motor that might be prone to failing to save you time and money in the future.

Popular Okuma Servo Motors we repair:

Okuma Servo Motor BL Series

BL-120E-20T, BL-180E-20T, BL-200E-12S, BL-20E-20T, BL-25E-20T, BL-50E-20T, BL-80E-20T, BL-H100E-12, BL-H100E-12B, BL-H200E-20T   

If you don't see your Okuma Servo Motor below, check out our full list of Okuma Motors We Repair. Still can’t find your Okuma Servo Motor? Don’t worry! TIE can repair most Servo Motors. Contact us and give us more information on the specific Okuma Servo Motor you need to be repaired.

Okuma AC Servo Drive Repair

Send in your Okuma AC Servo Drive for a Free Repair Evaluation and receive a detailed estimate of the repairs needed to get your CNC machine back up and running. Our experienced staff of electronic repair technicians will meet OEM specifications through a fast and dependable repair process that will have you back up and running quickly.

Okuma AC Servo Drives that TIE repairs:

Okuma AC Servo Drives BDU Series

BDU-15A, BDU-50A, BDU-75A

Okuma AC Servo Drives BL Series

BL-D150A, BL-D50A, BLII-D100A, BLII-D200A, BLII-D30-30A, BLII-D30A, BLII-D50-50A, BLII-D50A

Okuma AC Servo Drives MIV Series

MIV0104-1-B1, MIV01-1-B1, MIV0204-1-B1, MIV0204-1-B5, MIV02-1-B1, MIV02-1-B5, MIV0303-1-B5, MIV0404-1-B1, MIV0404-1-B3, MIV08-1-B1, MIV22-3-V5  

Okuma AC Servo Drives VAC Series


TIE offers high-quality repair service on Okuma AC Servo Drives including drives from the BDU, BL, MIV, and VAC series. Discover the full selection of Okuma AC Servo Drives the technicians at TIE can repair!

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TIE accepts Okuma repair orders and quotes via phone, fax, email and online. Call our repair technicians today at (833) 539-8596!

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We offer fast turnaround, a 1-Year In-Service Warranty, and FREE No-Obligation Repair Evaluations.